2012 West Coast Open
Tournament Rules


1.      All boats, captains and crew in the tournament must be registered and entry fee paid in full at least 24 hours prior to weighing in. (See late entry below).

2.      The captain of the boat is the tournament entrant. There is no limit to the number of eligible anglers on the boat or any restriction on who the boat captain decides to take on his boat.

3.      Crewmembers can purchase an additional entry and weigh in the same as any captain. In this case all fish weighed must be caught on a boat that is entered in the tournament.

4.      Only one prize per entrant will be awarded. The exception to this rule is any entrant can win the exotic as well as place in one of the other prize positions.

5.      In the event that 2 or more paid entrants are fishing on one boat, all paid entrants can weigh a fish on that day.

6.      The entry form must be filled out completely and legibly.

7.      Any entrant presenting a fish to a weigh master that is found to be caught on an un-registered boat or to have the weight altered by stuffing foreign objects inside it will result in the entrant being permanently disqualified without refund.

8.      Entry fee by cash or check: Purchased in advance: $100. (Post marked/ received by August 03, 2012), Purchased last minuet: $105. (Post marked/ received August 04 ~ 10, 2012), Purchased Late: $150. (Post marked/received August 11 ~ 27, 2012).
Entry fee by Paypal or credit card is $5.00 more because this is what they charge us.
Those who enter late: If your entry is post marked/received August 11 ~ 27, 2012, than your entry fee is $150. Also there is a 5-day waiting period from when we receive your entry fee and until you can participate in the tournament. This means that if you pay on August 11, 2012, you cannot fish the event until August 15, 2012 with your first weigh in being available on August 16, 2012.

9.      This is a 4-week, 5 weekend tournament. There will be no cancellations accepted. If you don't fish, you lose.

10.  In the event that a weigh station scale is broken: You will need to take your fish to a different weigh station.

11.  In order to place in first place: You must take a photo of you beside your fish and while it is on an official scale. This image must be clear enough to identify the species and determine it’s condition.
This photo must be provided to Tunabite within 3 days of weighing in. Also it will be published on the winners list + on the header of the Tunabite web site. Note: When at bayside, you can ask them to take your photo and post it on their web site. In this case let us know right away so we can get a copy.

Note: All weigh stations will require an approved entrant Document to weigh your fish. What this means is when we receive your payment & Liability release, we will e-mail you the papers you need.

Boat Size Restrictions:

Privately owned sport boats up to 36' are allowed.
Privately owned sport boats over 36’ require a photo and pre approval. Pre approved boats/members are: (Hoagie) (new in 2012)
6 Pack charter boats up to 30' are allowed.
Boats displaying a F&G or Federal commercial registration number must be 30' or less in length.
Privately owned boats over 36’ that display/have a F&G commercial registration but realistically are sport type boats with no tactical advantage and that only carry a commercial for the purpose of 6 pack charters or selling of surplus catch:
Will require a photo and pre approval. Pre approved boats/members are: (
Cabo Jon) (new in 2012)
Head boats are not allowed.


This is a sport type tuna tournament. Trolling as many rods as you can and non-trolling techniques like backing into schools, pitching baits, casting, jigging, hand thrown harpoons use of casting tackle, use of spinning tackle, use of live bait or live bait teasers are acceptable tackle. Small commercial boats registered with DMV 30’ & under can participate. Gil nets, sain nets, trawl nets, long lines, harpoon guns and other commercial techniques are strictly prohibited.

 Weigh Stations:

Tom Jozwiak
: In Salinas (Confirmed)
Call first. 831 902 0436 Note: it would be a good idea to give Tom a heads up in advance the day before you launch.
Bayside Marine: 333-B Lake ave. Santa Cruz harbor. Ca. 95062 - Todd - 831 475 2173 - VHF channel 11. (Confirmed)

Half Moon Bay Sport fishing: In the main row of sport shops and restaurants at H.M.B. harbor – Sherry - 650 726 2913.

San Rafael:  Lock Lomond Live Bait House, 110 Loch Lomond Dr. San Rafael Ca. 94901. Keith Frazier  - Ph: 415 456 0321 (Confirmed)

Walnut Grove: The Central Market and Grocery 11474 STATE HWY 160   Walnut Grove CA 95690   Eddie Ventura (Owner) 916 776 1858   
Hrs are 9:30 AM to 7:00 Sunday is 10 to 5.
(Confirmed) Also this scale maximum is 30 pounds.

Petaluma Sport and Dive Shop.  884 Bodega ave. Petaluma, Ca. 94952 suite #1. (Confirmed)

Santa Rosa Sea Food. 946 Santa Rosa Ave. Santa Rosa Ca. 95407 ph. 707 280 2285.

Noyo Fishing Center: 32440 N. Harbor Dr. Fort Brag, Ca. Owners name is John. the phone number is 707 964 3000.

Lost Coast Landing: 533 Machi Rd. Shelter cove CA 95589  Joseph 707-986-1234

Englund Marine: 2 commercial St. Eureka, Ca. 95501 – at the harbor – Phil - 707 444 9266. (Confirmed)

Englund Marine: 201 Citizens Dock Rd. Crescent City, Ca. 95531 Chris - Phone # is 707 464 1650. .


All eligible fish must be hooked within the tournament boundaries, which are: No more than 150 NM miles due west from the California coast. No further south than the 3500.00 line. No further north than 4159.56 line (the Ca/Or border). Any boat that exceeds the boundaries will be disqualified for that day and un-able to weigh in until after 12 noon the following day. Launching in any harbor south of Monterey Bay or north of California is not allowed.


The tournament starts on Friday at 12.01 AM August 10, 2012 and will run for 4 weeks and 5 weekends. The last day to fish will be Sunday September 09. 2012 with a final weigh in closing on Monday September 10, 2012 at 11:00 AM. Each boat is eligible to fish as many of the days as they choose.


All boats desiring to weigh in a fish should return to the weigh master that they contacted on the VHF. All fish are to be weighed in the round. This means not cleaned, gutted or gilled. When you arrive at the weigh masters shop, please present the official entrant weight record document with CF# that you received in the mail. The weigh master may also ask for a photo ID. Have the weigh master record the weight of your fish on both his and your weight record sheet. It is your responsibility to make sure that the weigh master includes the location, time and date and signs both documents. When you have weighed a fish, It is your responsibility to bring it to the attention of tunabite by sending a fax copy of your weight record sheet to 831 335 3870. In the event that a Fax is not available, you can also bring it to our attention by PM. We will than verify with the weigh master. This must be done within 2 days of weighing in. The size and species records will be at the discretion of the weigh master. The weigh master will have the final say on any fish. If the weigh master declares a fish as previously frozen or not valid for any reason, this will be the final call. After weighing, each fish weighed can be gutted on the spot and inspected in any manner that the weigh master determines to be appropriate. Only (1) qualifying game fish of each species is eligible to be weighed in per entrant per day. The registered team captain or co-captain can request that a fish be re-weighed so long as the request is made to the weigh master while the fish is still hanging. Any alteration of catch or fish not caught on a registered boat will disqualify the entire entrants entry without refund. Weighing of the same fish at more than one official weigh station will disqualify all your fish for the day. What this means is that you cannot weigh fish caught on the same day at 2 different weigh stations. You can go on a second trip the following day and weigh those fish at a new location. However, in the event that a weigh station scale is broken: You will need to take your fish to a different weigh station. Weigh station hours are the normal business hours of the weigh masters shop. Should the weigh master be out for lunch or should any condition beyond his/her control make it impossible to weigh the fish, it will be the tournament entrants responsibility to either wait for the weigh master to return or make further arraignments with and approved by the weigh master. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Tie Breaker:

In the event of a tie, the first fish weighed will determine the winning boat. The other fish will be moved down one position.

Qualifying & Eligible Fish Species:

First, through 10th place is biggest tuna. Species include Albacore, Blue fin and big eye.
Exotic species are: Yellow tail, Yellow Fin, Dorado, Opa, Swords, Spearfish + Black, Blue & Striped Marlin.
Skip Jack does not count cause it's bait!


First Place: 
Trophy + Cash prize of equal value to 40% of entry fees collected and or sponsor prizes.
Note: Sponsor prize value must exceed cash prize by at least 125% to substitute for cash prizes.

Award value depends on entrant count.

Second Place:
Trophy + 20% of entry fees collected and/or sponsor prizes of greater value.
Note: Sponsor prize value must exceed cash prize by at least 125% to substitute for cash prizes.

Award value depends on entrant count.

Third Place:
Third place: 10% of entry fees collected and/or sponsor prize/s of greater value.
Forth Prize: Pending.
Fifth Prize:
Sixth Prize:
Seventh Prize: Pending.
Eight Prize:
Ninth Prize:
Tenth Prize:
Exotic: Pending.

Additional prizes and sponsors: Are pending. Any additional prizes will be added to the existing prizes above.
Balance for legal fees and club expenses.
Any prize not claimed by 01/01/2013 will become property of Tunabite.
Any prize not won will become property of Tunabite.

Entrant Protocol:

To enable prudent and safe passage for all boats entering and departing harbors and or weigh stations, all boats should contact the Tournament Weigh Station on the designated VHF channel when within range and confirm approximate weigh in time. In the event of congestion at the weigh-in station, boats declaring to weigh-in fish may be further ordered by the weigh master to wait until the weigh master can weigh in their fish. In this event, the Weigh master shall notify each individual boat based on recorded time of arrival when to proceed to the weigh station. Any boat, captain or crew observed for violating this rule and or operating in a reckless or un-sportsmanlike manner may be penalized 5 pounds per fish from the day's catch. A repeat offense will result in 5 pounds being deducted from all fish weighed. A 3rd offense will result in disqualification from the entire tournament without refund.

Cash & Trip Prizes:

Prizes checks will only be made payable to the person or entity as designated on the official Tournament registration form or their designated agent in writing. Any prize valued at $600 or more will require a Social Security number or Taxpayer I.D. number + valid name & address of the recipient and a 1099 will be sent.
Any non-California resident who wins a prize valued at $1,500 or more is subject to California state income tax withholding of 7%. Unless disputed, checks and small packages will be mailed 20 days after the last day of the tournament. The winning entrant should make arraignments to pick up large prizes. Once prizes are mailed it is final and no dispute will be considered.


Protests must be submitted in writing and mailed certified mail to tunabite.com 5250 Hwy. 9 Felton, Ca. 95018 with a fee of $300.00 paid by money order or certified check (refundable if protest is upheld). Disputes must be postmarked no later than September 17 2012. All disputes will be reviewed and voted on by the Tunabite tournament review committee. By virtue of signing the Tournament entry form (includes entry via Paypal) all participants agree to the final decision of the review committee. It is understood that the spirit intended for the tournament is to be enjoyable and in good fellowship for all participants.

Mechanical Breakdown:

In the event that a tournament boat becomes disabled beyond repair, that boat may transfer it's remaining eligible days of fishing to any other boat providing that the replacement boat is of the same size or smaller and that the original entrant is fishing on the replacement boat. If a replacement cannot be found than no entry fee or part of will be refunded.

Federal & State Regulations:

The weight and/or length of the eligible fish for each eligible species, submitted for weigh-in each day are subject to State of California and/or Federal laws. All boats must possess all current and valid required permits or licensees as required by applicable law. Any team without valid permitting and/or in violation of State and/or Federal law may have their fish disqualified.

Waiver/ Disclaimer:

It is expressly understood that all participants in this tournament enter at their own risk, and that Tunabite.com, it's Officers, Weigh Masters, Directors, Tournament Rules, Observers, Committees, Sponsors, and all persons connected directly or indirectly with the operation of said tournament, shall be exempt from any liability whatsoever for libel, slander, loss, damage, negligence, harm, injury or death suffered by any participant, entrant, vessel and equipment, companions and guest, boat captains, mates, crew members, which may occur during or in conjunction with this Tournament. Additionally it is understood that all participants consent and agree that they are solely responsible for all their actions.
By signing the Official Tournament Registration form the boat owner, captain and mate(s), anglers and guest, consents that the Tournament may use without payment or restriction, any photographs, video footage, in which he or she may appear for any purpose whatsoever, including but not limited to resale, advertising, commercial or promotional material.

Entry form: http://www.tunabite.com/2012entry.html
Entrant list: